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Expoluso Display Solutions

The shopping experience has changed. Your clients are wiser and more demanding. Online stores grow daily and the global market flows dictate trends. However, despite all these challenges, nothing replaces the consumer’s presence in a commercial space.

The Expoluso team develops the display equipment while thinking about the sensory interaction and conceptual design of the space, harmonizing them with the identity of your business and the goals that drive it.

We have been working for leading market brands for over 30 years and, over this time, we have gained experience, improved our technology, and have grown in size. Thus, we are prepared to transform your display area into a place you always want to return to.



Project Management

Listen, investigate, manage and follow up. All in one project. We embody your idea or create customized proposals.


Architecture & Design

Regarding Expoluso equipment, the conceptual content is born before the form. A creative synergy between product designers, graphics, 3D industrialists and shop experience specialists.



At our company, our ideas go further with innovation and cutting-edge technology. Custom creations are ennobled with rigor and precision.



Whether it's medium and large displays, such as those for ceramic products, or accessory products, we have the space, tools and people needed to fulfill your request.



Before departure, Expoluso products undergo a rigorous analysis that certifies the nature of the order and its protection and safety.



We materialize your idea in the physical space with the technical knowledge and experience of our field team.

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