About Us

Expoluso is one of the largest Portuguese manufacturers of commercial equipment, offering decoration solutions for stores and display units of leading market brands


The global commercial paradigm has changed a lot since we opened our doors, but our mission remains the same. Expoluso equipment is designed to create experiences around your products, enhance your point of sale and elevate your brand identity. We are inspired by the DNA of each business, where we discover their unique characteristics, and then distinguish them with the utmost quality and originality in the details. This is our mission. Yesterday, Today and always.


‘Engagement’ is Expoluso’s raw material of excellence, present in all steps, in the development area and, of course, in every professional relationship. It is with this word in mind that we develop our products – so that they positively engage the people who visit your commercial space. It is also the word that solidifies the fertile and lasting relationships we have with our customers. Finally, ‘engagement’ is the driving action with which we enter the world’s rotation, keeping up with its continuous novelty with innovation and creativity. We engage to see up close and, thus, go very, very far.


At Expoluso, we move with a compass of principles that are based on the matrix of commitment. With every step and approach we take, it all starts and ends with our commitment. Our first and foremost commitment is to every single client. We listen and observe to offer product solutions tailored to your business needs and your best idea; To turn this commitment into a reality, we dedicate ourselves to quality. The quality in the strength and durability of the product; the quality of meeting deadlines; the quality of human relationships. And because we know how much the uniqueness of a brand is worth in the marketplace, we are committed to being inventive, driven by cutting-edge ideas and technology. In short: we are committed to your business.

About Expoluso

We arrived more than three decades ago.

We descend from the entrepreneurial spirit of the North of Portugal, with pride in our entire Lusitania.

We are Expoluso.

The place where commercial equipment and retail services that transform the shopping experience of your customers into a win-win experience comes from. By our side – because that’s where we stand when we work with our clients: side by side – are well-known names from different sectors and business areas. We approach business identities as a living organism that changes with the trends that time brings us. There have been several revolutionary changes. Getting to know products and buying them no longer takes place in physical spaces only. Your customer has changed and, consequently, so have we. Along the way, we have evolved so that you can communicate with him/her. We hone in on innovation and creativity, with an eye on Tomorrow, surrounded by good people who are very good at what they do in their respective fields. A complete service that goes a full 360º circle, from the conception of your project to its installation, from Águeda to the world.


Process, modus operandi or, as we like to call it, taking action.

Whatever the reason that brings you to us – the exciting beginning of a business, the specific renovation of your store’s visual merchandising or the need for equipment in your commercial space; our process is always faithful to five fundamental actions: listening, thinking, developing, producing, and installing.

It all starts in our Head Office, an ecosystem of more than 7,000 square meters where sophisticated machinery and technology are combined with designers and engineers, operators, and strategic managers. It is in this environment of logistical, administrative, and creative richness that the future of your business is given shape, colour, and prestige. At the end, everything is expertly installed in a timely manner.


We are not only concerned with what we do, but how we do it, too. We guarantee safety, reliability of the production process, environmental standards, product quality, and business ethics.

ISO 9001:2015

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