We stand by our clients in every phase of the project


Project Management

Everything starts here. The initial moment when the Expoluso team works alongside you to establish all the equipment and visual elements for your commercial space. Our services focus on fleshing out your idea for your business or, if you prefer, we will create an exclusive project proposal and present it to you.


Architecture & Design

From the idea to the concept of each Expoluso product, there is a big step that is taken together by a diverse team of product, graphics and 3D designers, and shop experience specialists. Colours, angles, materials, atmospheres, interactive dynamics, everything is mixed together in this creative cauldron. And thus, the product is created.



Our engineering department combines diligence, precision, and speed. Our specialized team develops the equipment and products with technological “hands” coupled with the latest trends in the global market. Let's talk about innovation again, because it is with innovation that we overcome the demanding challenges of a universe in constant metamorphosis.



We take our mass production seriously, so we are always prepared for any kind of order. From medium and large displays, such as the ceramic products, to accessory products that enrich your display or store, Expoluso offers all the conditions required to meet your specific request. Here, strategy is a synonym for efficiency.



At Expoluso, reaching the finish line is more than just an expression, it's a work philosophy. So that everything goes well regarding the quantity, protection, and safety of the products that you receive, everything is scrutinized by a thorough analysis conducted by our tireless logistics team.



The moment when everything comes to fruition and is adjusted to your commercial space. The diverse nature of our equipment and products requires an experienced team with technical knowledge, as is the case with our professionals. They are the artists that will complete your project.